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At our house there is me, my daughter Leigh Ann, who is pregnant with a GIRL, my other daughter Stephaney, and of course, the twins, Makenna and Maryssa.

Everybody has LONG hair, EXEPT Leigh Ann.  And since she is a GERMOPHOBIAC, she has taken ONE bathroom, to herself,while the other FOUR of us gals are forced to share the only other existing bathroom!

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The fight over the one bathroom, is a DAILY argument! And the hair is constantly flying. Have you EVER been slapped in the FACE, with a ponytail? Well all of us have!

And fights over hair care products, toothpaste, deodorant are a morning routine!

Big personalities a PLENTY! I am always surprised with the egos around here, how their heads fit through the FRONT DOOR!

When arguments get “out of hand” and everybody wants to RUN to their ROOMS, and SLAM the doors, I rush right behind them, and let them them KNOW “if you have that much ENERGY, I have got a VACUUM for you, to RUN around THIS house with”!

My ALL time favorite #cindyism

“My LIGHTER may be short on BUTANE, but this old broad, still has PLENTY of SPARK left”

And if they don’t quit arguing, somebody just might get BURNED on their tail END!

 In between arguments over the bathroom, are arguments over EVERYTHING else!

My ONLY hope is calling MY twin, sometimes HOURLY!

Leigh Ann has her own milk, cereal, and other foods with HER name written in black majic marker, in the fridge, and even her OWN set of shelves in the door!


The little twins argue constantly, over EVERYTHING, if a pair of shoes are FOUND, they BOTH claim them, as neither is willing to look for the missing pair! Same thing with headbands and most articles of clothing!

They come to me all the time, “meme we CANT find it” and my response is ALWAYS “meme doesn’t WEAR it, so how WOULD I know, where YOU put it”!

And I DONT spoil them little twins either, 


If they want BISQUITS and GRAVY, I show them what is needed and watch over them, while THEY do the cooking! Children tend to remember how to do things, when they get their hands dirty!

Although my twin gave me a RAPE whistle for my car keys, I belt out a load of #cindyism, instead to break up these petty arguments!

“If you ain’t COOKING, get OUT of MY kitchen”

“Don’t gather in the LIVING room, like a bunch of HENS clucking, unless I am getting some FREE eggs”!

“I ain’t WASHING clothes today, so don’t be bringing me, YOUR dirty LAUNDRY” (their problems)

“Don’t make meme get out of my recliner, unless you have a MOP and BROOM, in your hands”

“If you MUST get in FRONT of the TV, you had better put on a BETTER show, then the one I am WATCHING”

And while I am jealous, over other households that don’t have this continuous overflow of hormones, I really don’t know what life would be like, without all of the hallaballoo around here!

Of course there is ONE man, that’s MY old man, he works out of town MOSTLY, and trust me, with all the women around here, he can’t WAIT to pack his bags and get OUT of HERE!  Because HE sure ain’t NO help around THIS house! #cindyism

God bless us all!

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